Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age-limit for registering?
You must be minimum 18 years old by the starting day of the camp. There is no upper age limit. Participants vary greatly. Most of those who register are young people (18-25), often students, but our camps are open to everybody. ​

Accomodation and Food
Food and accomodation are guaranteed for all participants.​We provide all accommodation and foods

Must i be skilled?
No particular skills are required for participating in a photography camps.​

What is the official language of the camps?
English is the common language in our photography camps. But you do not need to speak fluent English, but more importantly you should try to communicate with another participants.​

Can a group register?
We do not register large pre-formed groups. Registrations are meant to be individual because one of the goals of these camps is to gather people from a wide variety of cultures and origins around a given project. However, if you want to share the experience with 2 or 3 friends or acquaintances, there will be no problem fitting you into the same camp, as long as there are available spaces, of course! ​

How does ZCAMPS select the participants for a photography camp?
Placements are made on a first-come, first-serve basis (exceptions can be made if there are too many applicants from one single country or in order to keep the gender as balanced as possible within the group).If you are interested in joining one of our projects, please apply as soon as possible; some of the camps are very popular as some periods of the year are really busy with participants coming to ZCAMPS; the sooner you apply the most likely you will be accepted and the cheaper your travel will be. ​

When do I know if I was accepted?
Usually within 48 hours after receiving the application form. ZCAMPS tries to answer all requests within 48 hours. ​

What should I bring with me camp?
Each participant is required to bring their own DSLR camera. ​

What should I do after being accepted?
Once you have been notified of acceptance into a camp you may go ahead and make your travel arrangements.Participants in our camps should arrive to meeting point first day of the camp.Participants shall not book their return journey the day the camp ends, the earliest one day after the camp finishes. In this way participants ensure they will be able to join the camp for its full length.From former participants feedback you can consider staying longer in Ukraine; after the camp. Participants may group together and decide to travel the country and visit different areas in Ukraine.

How are the participation fees collected?
They will be collected on the first day of the camp in Euros and only in cash. Unfortunately we cannot accept any other form of payment.

Who leads the camps?
ZCAMPS has trained young photographer camp leaders for all of our photography camps

Are there some last minute camps available?
We recommend applying for a camp in good time. If you decide to participate at the last minute, contact with us. We will try to find a camp for you to participate in that will suit you and your travel dates.Some camps become full 2-3 months in advance, some might have free places, even a few days before the camp starts (for example, if a participant cancels their participation for some unavoidable reason).

Can I participate in more than one camp?
Of course! In fact we encourage it! If you have enough time available, we would like to encourage you to join more than one project.ZCAMPS noticed that some participants like to participate in more than one camp and that is why we decided to offer an special discount for this situation: if you participate in more than one of our photography camps, you will get 10% discount from the participation fee of the second (third or fourth) camp.

Are all the costs covered during the camp?
All food and accomodation costs will be fully covered by ZCAMPS, from the evening of the first day of the camp, until the morning of the last day. Leisure time activities are also covered by ZCAMPS. But sometimes you will be asked to cover some costs (entrance to a swimming pool, bus excursion, etc.). Of course, these activities are not compulsory, so you can decide whether to take part in such activities or not.

Where are ZCAMPS participants coming from?
Between %75 - %80 of our participants coming from European countries. In the year 2016, we hosted participants from 44 countries. ZCAMPS tries to organise the camps placing a wide variety of participants from different countries. This brings different cultural influences and perspectives together, avoiding groups where single nationality are over-represented.

How do the campers spend their free time?
It depends on the camp and which kind of activities it is possible to organize with the group. There can be excursions such as, visits to museums, galleries or places of interest, go for a walk/hike around the area, go to the swimming pool, beach, concert, pub or activities prepared within the group as games, sing, talk about topics of common interest, make log fires, international evenings, etc.

What happens if I get lost or have some problems to get to the meeting point (hostel)?
You will get information sheet by email before the camp starts. There will be contact numbers of camp leaders and adress information of meeting point (in English also in Russian language) If you lost just get a taxi and show the adress of hostel. Our meeting point will be in hostel which we will stay during our camp. If you cannot see around any taxi, then call our camp leader, he/she will send you a taxi. Taxi costs cheap in Ukraine but better to ask them price in advance.In case if you dont have balance in your mobile phone and if you cannot see around any taxi, than find a cafe or restourant around, almost every cafe and restourant has free wifi in Ukraine. Connect to wifi than write to camp leader via whatsapp about your situation. He/she will send you a taxi. So we will not let you to lost in any case (:

How do I travel by train from the Kiev international airport to Lviv or Odessa?
Lviv and Odessa has international airports, but if you have flight only to Kiev route by your country. You can buy another flight ticket to Odessa or Lviv by Kiev Airport or you can buy just train ticket online. Visit this website you can buy and print your train ticket here online. Public bus leaving every 30 minute from outside of Kiev international airport to Kiev main train station.

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